The ST50 swing shutter automation is designed with the aim of simplifying the user experience and operation to the maximum.

Its installation is extremely easy, and the wiring process is equally simple.

Equipped with intuitive operation, ST50 delivers performance

powerful in total silence.

Its design aims to best combine practicality and reliability, giving you a system that meets your needs without complications.

The range is also completed with the top recessed variant in the vault.

With ST50, shutter automation becomes a child’s play.

Why choose the swing shutters automation ST50



Swing shutters automation ST50

Adjustable via large slots.

It is also available in a "frictioned" version for installations in places with strong winds.

Standard terminal for most applications, special terminal for Paduan-style band and hooked band.

Integrated into the automation, 230Vac power supply, delivers the 24Vdc to drive the geared motors.

Of high-quality extruded aluminum cover, black or white color, consisting of two side covers and a central plug-in cover that can be easily removed (snapped on without tools) to allow quick access to the electronics.

To be applied to the shutter for motion transmission.