Automation with torque of 40 Nm. capable of easily opening shutters up to 1.5 sq. m. and up to 50 kg weight per leaf.

Articulations equipped with a double pivot pivot movement: when closing they extend and straighten, taking up very little space.

Thanks to this unique and patented movement, with the joints closed the automation takes up only 6 cm of space between leaf and window, while ensuring maximum pushing efficiency when opening!

Why choose the swing shutters automation ST40



Swing shutters automation ST40

Patented for a minimum footprint of only 6cm and adjustable by means of large slots. Standard terminal for most applications, special terminal for Paduan articulated band and curved band.

Integrated into the automation, 230Vac power supply, delivers the 24Vdc for driving the gearmotors.

Of extruded pvc cover, white or black in color, consisting of two side covers and a central telescopic plug-in cover, cover complete with door to allow quick access to electronics.

sliding to be applied to the shutter.