Smart home

Compatibility with traditional home automation systems and smart home wi-fi are a central aspect of the design of all CHIAROSCURO automations.

The “man-present” control ensures the safety of the automations, and the 230 Vac “shutter-type” connection allows for quick and easy interaction with any home automation system, with no need for additional interfaces.

Home automation systems

It is advisable to set the operation time of the home automation module with a safety margin of 5-10 seconds more than the actual working time.

To prevent any damage, we suggest disabling the partial opening functions as a percentage, allowing the user only the basic “fully open” or “fully closed” functions .

Low energy

In case the user wishes to place the leaves in partial opening positions, it will be necessary to integrate the home automation system with wind sensors to ensure safety.

Our electronic boards, manufactured entirely in Italy, are environmentally friendly and comply with Low-Energy standards: they consume energy only during movements and remain inactive at other times.