The WH25 automation is designed to meet the finest aesthetic requirements in absolute premium installations.

This system completely conceals the motor body in the masonry, with a foundation cap that ensures inspectability.

Ease of installation and exceptional aesthetics are its strengths.

The automation is equipped with positioning templates that simplify the installation process.

Its robust mechanics allow for smooth operation of the doors, guaranteeing stunning aesthetic results that will impress your customers.

With WH25, even the most aesthetically demanding situations can benefit from high-quality automation.

Why choose the swing shutters automation WH25



Swing shutter automation WH25

External with motion transmission pin, diam. 12 or 14 mm.

Reinforced 4 mm thick (not supplied to be made by the shutter supplier).

Separated from the automation in PT5 box provided, 230Vac power supply, delivers the 24Vdc for driving the gear motors.

Made of cast with front threaded bushings for fixing the motor body, complete with the cover, black color.