Shutters motorization

Motorization for sliding or swinging shutters of any type, whether new or already installed.

A complete range, each motorization is designed to meet specific needs.

This variety of solutions allows the motorization to integrate optimally with every type of shutter, ensuring the maximum efficiency in movement.

Make your life more comfortable and safer with our motorization solution.

Swing shutter motorization

Motorization for silent, reliable shutters, easy to install and designed to be long-lasting.

They simplify the use and management of shutters to the maximum, thanks to unique and patented features.

With an innovative design and a sophisticated aesthetic, they offer powerful performance in total silence.

We provide motorizations capable of satisfying the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements in installations of absolute excellence.

All components are made in Italy and we are proud to serve our customers for over 25 years.

Why choose our motorization for swinging shutters

Sliding shutters motorization

Our motorization is the ideal choice for operating external wall sliding shutters.

It ensures smooth and absolutely silent movement, and they can also be installed on existing shutters.

Installation is extremely easy, and the wiring process is equally simple thanks to the integration of electronics.

With a design that combines practicality and reliability, offering a system that meets all motorization needs without complications.

Why choose one of our motorization for sliding shutters


Shutters motorization

Home automation and Smart home

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Chiaroscuro shutter motorizations are highly advanced and seamlessly intregrate with the new technologies of any home automation system.

Compatibility with traditional home automation systems and smart home wi-fi are a central aspect of the design of all our automations.

You can conveniently control them via remote radio control, home automation or push-button control, simplifying your daily life.

Our electronic boards, manufactured entirely in Italy, are environmentally friendly and meet Low-Energy standards: they consume energy only during movement and remain inactive the rest of the time.