The ST50 MA automation combines the power of the standard ST50 automation with the versatility of a fully concealed vault jamb.

This innovative design not only retains the winning features of the ST50, but adds a touch of refined aesthetics.

The choice to install the automation with total concealment in the jamb makes using the ST50 MA even more practical and easy.

The intuitive location and ease of use make your work easier, ensuring excellent results.

With ST50 MA, you can enjoy outstanding power without compromising aesthetics.

Why choose the swing shutter automation ST50 MA



Swing Shutters automation ST50 MA

Jointed and adjustable through wide slots, color white or black.

Separated from the automation in PT5 box provided, 230Vac power supply, delivers the 24Vdc for driving the gear motors.

Made of 1.5mm thick galvanized steel with front fins for fixing complete with aluminum lid, white or natural color.

With jointed bracket to be attached to the shutter.