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Customized automations

In the event that the numerous standard automations are not able to meet your requests, Chiaroscuro is able to study and create a customized automation perfect for your needs, such as:


At the end of the initial study, after being approved by the customer, a prototype is created which is installed on site, or on a mockup, to verify its perfect functioning, with the continuous assistance of Chiaroscuro technicians.


Chiaroscuro’s technical team trains window and door fitters on the correct installation of shutter automations and subsequent activation, with the necessary calibrations, verifying their proper functioning (which can be done even before the electrical connection), and then considering the installation phase successfully completed.

Custom automation certification

In case the customized motorization deviates significantly from the standard one, a dedicated product certification is required to ensure maximum safety.

After-sales service

For standard automations, spare parts are guaranteed for at least 10 years. Beyond this deadline, Chiaroscuro guarantees that it can supply backwards-compatible products, which therefore do not require the need to carry out additional work again.

Customized automations, having a dedicated design, enjoy the possibility of having spare parts without any time limit.