The ST50 DV swing shutter automation was designed with the aim of simplifying the user experience and operation to the maximum.

Its installation is extremely easy, and the wiring process is equally simple.

Equipped with intuitive operation, ST50 DV delivers powerful performance in total silence.

Its design aims to best combine practicality and reliability, giving you a system that meets your needs without complications.

With ST50 DV, shutter automation becomes a child’s play.

Why choose the swing shutter automation ST50 DV



Swinging shutters automation ST50 DV

Extruded cover painted white or matte black.

Of protection in aluminum painted in the same color as the cover.

Adjustable through wide slots available in different size configurations to suit every type of use.

Regolabile realizzato in delrim autolubrificato.

Made of extruded aluminum painted white or matte black.