The ST50 EM automation offers an electrical solution for difficult situations where installation of a traditional vault or overhead system is not possible due to lack of space.

This automation combines high-level functionality with aesthetic design, thanks to its premium casing that can be painted to match the shade of the surrounding masonry.

The mechanical base of the ST50 EM automation offers outstanding power and quiet operation while maintaining an impeccable aesthetic appearance.

With ST50 EM, no shutter will have to go without an automation system, even in the most

complex situations.

Why choose the shutter automation ST50 EM



Swing shutters automation ST50 EM

Straight drive, white or black color.

Integrated into the automation, 230Vac power supply, delivers the 24Vdc for driving the gearmotors.

Of fine aluminum, white or natural aluminum color, easily removable by two front screws to allow quick access to the electronics.

Of side closure, color white or aluminum natural.

Sliding to be applied to the shutter for motion transmission, color white or black. Wall anchor plate 3mm thick. Reinforcement brackets for wall anchor plate.

Of anchorage to wall thickness 3mm.

Of reinforcement for wall anchor plate.